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The Corner Store Gallery Sculpture Prize

The Corner Store Gallery Sculpture Prize

Incider Outcider Sculpture Prize - Sponsored by Small Acres Cyder, October 2017

The wonderful folk at Small Acres Cyder have decided to team up with The Corner Store Gallery again in 2017 for the annual Orange Wine Festival to bring you the very best art from around the region. This time we are holding a sculpture prize – including all artworks with a 3-dimensional element. The smaller “indoor” sculptures will be displayed at The Corner Store Gallery and the larger “outdoor” or “garden” sculptures will be displayed at the Small Acres Cyder Cellar Door in the outside area.

The Corner Store Gallery - Tracy Dickason

The Corner Store Gallery - Tracy Dickason

Tracy Dickason - Threaded - A Journey Through Paper and Percelain, September 2017

Threaded showcases the work of Tracy Dickason, an emerging artist based in Northern Sydney. Her artistic practice is a combination of porcelain ceramics and mixed media contemporary illustration and painting on paper and canvas.
Tracy has shown art in galleries and exhibitions in Brisbane, Sydney and Victoria. Her professional artistic journey started with hands elbow deep in clay, finding the sensory experience of working with clay both therapeutic and liberating. Over time this lead to exploring the same sense on paper and canvas incorporating different textures and materials to take the viewer on both a visual and sensory journey.
Tracy has a passion for getting art to tell stories, sometimes these stories are predefined or directed by the title of the works on display and sometimes the viewer goes beyond the structure and journeys through their own story by simply observing and experiencing the emotion they encounter.
When Tracy makes art she doesn’t have a plan, in her words: “it is the one part of my life that has not been wholly thought out and as a result leaves me vulnerable and exposed. Through this raw communication my hope is to connect with the world in an honest and authentic way.”
Threaded - a Journey through Paper and Porcelain is a culmination of her lived experience through change and then challenges and triumphs it has brought.

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit and interview with Tracy here.

The Corner Store Gallery - Tracy Dickason

The Corner Store Gallery - Tracy Dickason

The Corner Store Gallery - Tracy Dickason

The Corner Store Gallery - Tracy Dickason

The Corner Store Gallery - Alexandra Frasersmith

The Corner Store Gallery - Alexandra Frasersmith

Cast Emotion – Alexandra Frasersmith, August 2017

Alexandra Frasersmith is an emerging glass artist. She works in lost wax cast glass, which is inspired by the fluid states of both glass and water. Originally from drought affected regional NSW, Frasersmith’s work focuses on contained water patterns and textures captured in vessel forms. The process of capturing the water textures, investing and then casting them in a kiln at 800 degrees arrests the pattern of water that once was, and freezes its likeness in glass forever. It is a memory of the natural, an attempt to capture a fluid element in a state of constant flux.

"Through the mediums of lost wax glass casting, text and works on paper, I aim to study the serendipitous movement of how water carves its path through nature, and create work that evokes a similar pool of identifiable emotion.

The method of glass Casting provides a crystal-clear snapshot of a liquid state, now frozen in time, to allow for emotional reflection and introspection framed in a variety of ways. Pools, streams, ponds, lagoons, bays and seas."

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit and interview with Alex here.

The Corner Store Gallery, Cast Emotion - Alexandra Frasersmith

The Corner Store Gallery, Cast Emotion - Alexandra Frasersmith

The Corner Store Gallery, Cast Emotion - Alexandra Frasersmith

The Corner Store Gallery, Cast Emotion - Alexandra Frasersmith

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The Corner Store Gallery - Life Drawing Exhibition

The Corner Store Gallery - Life Drawing Exhibition

X-POSURE - Orange Life Drawing Group, August 2017

"It is one of art's oldest subjects - and often it's most controversial".

This Exhibition "Studies of the Nude", is from the Orange Life Drawing Group which has been meeting weekly for the last 4 years.  

X-POSURE features the drawings of 15 artists from the Orange region.

The Corner Store Gallery - Life Drawing Exhibition

The Corner Store Gallery - Life Drawing Exhibition

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The Corner Store Gallery - Portrait Group Exhibition

The Corner Store Gallery - Portrait Group Exhibition

Portraits Group Exhibition, July 2017

The Portraits group exhibition was our second group exhibition for 2017. Artists were invited to submit a portrait of any medium or dimension. The exhibition included artworks from a great variety of mediums, styles and subjects. The exhibition displayed the most exciting and original artworks submitted for selection from artists and designers from all over Australia. Be creative! Surprise us, we love work that doesn’t quite fit within the box…..

The Corner Store Gallery - Portrait Group Exhibition

The Corner Store Gallery - Portrait Group Exhibition

The Corner Store Gallery - Portrait Group Exhibition

The Corner Store Gallery - Portrait Group Exhibition

The Corner Store Gallery - Ruth Stone artist studio

The Corner Store Gallery - Ruth Stone artist studio

Ruth Stone - Journey's End, June 2017

Stone’s work in the Central West has been concerned with the transient and unpredictable forces of nature and the marks of man on the environment. These works, created in response to her participation in the Hill End Artists in Residence Program in 2014, represent a transition from an abstract to more figurative approach and explore the mysterious forces, layers of time, and ghostly history of this unique village. Stone’s ghosts tell stories of desperation, desire, powerlessness and the lost souls whose lives have passed through Hill End.

On completion of her Masters of Fine Art (Research) at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney in 2003, Ruth Stone moved to Millthorpe in the Central West of New South Wales where she has been based for the past 13 years. In that time Stone has been a finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Award (2009), the Country Energy Art Prize (2009) the Dobell Prize for Drawing (2009) and as well as the Salon des Refusés (2000, 2001, 2002). The work from the Dobell Prize for Drawing was acquired by the ING Collection for its head office in Warsaw, Poland. Stone works primarily in mixed media and oil painting, but has recently brought photography into play as a developmental aspect of the images for The Space Between.

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit and interview with Ruth here.

The Corner Store Gallery - Charles Smith

The Corner Store Gallery - Charles Smith

Charles Smith - Westward Flight, May 2017

Growing up next to a national park there were always birds around. My grandfather used to feed the lorikeets on his back porch. They would climb all over us squawking for their food. White cockatoos flocked to the pecan nut tree in our yard, ripping off whole branches and dropping them haughtily on the ground while laughing the whole time.

Budgies, kookaburras, magpies, chooks were all a part of my childhood and each bird had different traits and temperaments. 

In this Exhibition I have tried to capture the unique personalities of each bird by painting them in a formal portrait style.  

Moving from Sydney to Mudgee five years ago was very influential in my art. The landscapes I have painted here aim to capture the feeling of the area rather than a true representation of what it looks like. The hills and vineyards surrounding the Mudgee area are a constant source of inspiration, while the pace of life allows time to take it all in and paint...

Charles Smith lives and paints in Mudgee, NSW.  Charles has been drawing and painting since school but running a bespoke furniture making business in Sydney restricted his art to a hobby. After moving west from Sydney, Charles took up painting full-time in 2016. 

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit and interview with Charles here.

The Corner Store Gallery - Tricia Trinder

The Corner Store Gallery - Tricia Trinder

Divine Bovine - Tricia Trinder, April / May 2017

Cows are inquisitive and funny creatures and make fabulous subjects to paint. There is something about cows that we all love, and through close observation we can see their character and comedic ways showing through.

I grew up in the South West of England and our house was surrounded by fields of milking cows.  I remember when I was younger being chased and then bailed up against a tree by about 20 cows, all just wanting to know what I was doing.  Now I live in Sydney, I’m lucky enough to spend every holiday with the kids at our family farm up in the Northern Tablelands where we run around 700 head of cattle.  Walking the dogs around the property we are often followed by groups of curious cattle, their gentle nurturing nature obvious to see.

When painting these subjects I like to use my customary palette of black and white to graphically capture the many types of cattle, and composition is also very important for highlighting their curiosity and inquisitive natures.

I would like my cows to be viewed with humour and light heartedness, as that is what I feel cows bring to us when we watch them.

See our behind-the-scenes studio tour and interview with Tricia here.

The Corner Store Gallery - Tricia Trinder, Divine Bovine

The Corner Store Gallery - Tricia Trinder, Divine Bovine

The Corner Store Gallery - On Common Ground

On Common Ground - Orange F.O.O.D. Week Exhibition

On Common Ground was our F.O.O.D. Week 2017 exhibition featuring the work of four artists responding to the Cabonne landscape. Jaq Davies and Tonya Graham both live locally, while Ingrid Bowen (Sydney NSW) and Belinda Street (Newcastle NSW) are from further afield and feel a strong connection to the area and thus offer a different perception. Each artist paints with their own unique style, offering beautiful and varied interpretations of our surroundings.

Artist Studios

Belinda Street     Ingrid Bowen     Jaq Davies    Tonya Graham

Belinda Street

Exhibition Catalogue

Jaq Davies

Exhibition Catalogue

Ingrid Bowen

Exhibition Catalogue

Tonya Graham

Exhibition Catalogue

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The Corner Store Gallery - 8x10 Group Exhibition 2017

The Corner Store Gallery - 8x10 Group Exhibition 2017

8x10 Group Exhibition, March 2017

Artists were invited to submit work of any medium or subject matter that measures 8x10 inches (this includes framing and must not exceed these dimensions).  This exhibition concept has been exhibited in many galleries across Australia and the world and offers a simplistic yet challenging platform to contributing artists.  The exhibition included the most exciting and original artworks submitted for selection from artists and designers from all over Australia.

The Corner Store Gallery - 8x10 Group Exhibition 2017

The Corner Store Gallery - 8x10 Group Exhibition 2017


Wild and Precious Life - Emily Ellis & Helen Whittle, February 2017

“Tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Is a beautiful line from Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer’s Day.

Wild and Precious Life is a musing on the wonder and love of simple, everyday moments around us.

Despite Helen being a predominantly black and white portrait artist and Emily capturing mostly nature, outside in colour, the photographers have much in common. The things that are most important to them; an all-consuming love for their children and a desire to capture and treasure everything precious about their fleeting childhoods. Further, both photographers use dramatic natural light to capture mood, tone and emotion in their photographs whilst using different subject matter to convey this.

Like the grasshopper in the poem our lives may be short but are made richer and more meaningful by paying attention to all the things that can be seen, touched, and felt. Each photograph is a reflection on freedom and gratitude, a pause amongst the busy lives of two local Mums.

Emily Ellis

Emily Ellis' photography seeks to capture the romance of the central west landscape. Preoccupied with dreamy, soft and hazy light she is drawn to the simplicity of wild grasses, the melancholy of abandoned early colonial buildings and long empty open roads. Her children feature in her work as she hopes to catch the simplicity and freedom of a country childhood.

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit and interview with Emily here.

Helen Whittle

Helen Whittle is a local, natural light photographer specialising in child portraits and fine-art nature imagery. Inspired by dramatic light, she produces simple, emotive and authentic images. With a style consisting of mainly black and white, she finds beauty in her everyday. Helen has just been announced as Australian Photography Magazine’s photographer of the year for 2016.  As well as being a finalist in The Voice Collection 2016 in Click Magazine, she was Runner Up Australian Portrait Photographer of the year in 2015.

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit and interview with Helen here.

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Lara Scolari - The Corner Store Gallery, Orange NSW

Lara Scolari - Cool Luxe, December 2016

Lara Scolari is a Contemporary Australian Visual Artist, who lives and works full time on her art making practice within her vibrant light filled studio located in the heart of Sydney’s harbour side village of Balmain.

Holding a Master’s Degree in Art & Design (UNSW) and many years’ experience working in the Arts and Cultural sector Lara continues to share her passion for art.

A gestural action painter, her work is produced in an Abstract Expressionist style that explores developed experimental techniques and processes. Building up each work using a variety of media, Lara creates depth through transparent layers that reveal hidden dioramas.

Prolifically producing strong considered bodies of work Lara’s coveted artworks are beautiful in organic form, line, shape and composition.

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit and interview with Lara here.

Lara Scolari - The Corner Store Gallery

NATIVE - Ben Foster and Madeline Young, November 2016

NATIVE - Ben Foster and Madeline Young - The Corner Store Gallery

Ben Foster

Ben Foster takes inspiration from patterning, repetition, immersive process and a colour palette drawn from objects in transition.  20 minutes after sunset. Cloud-filtered sunlight after storms. Frost-bitten new growth. A change in wind direction. Marks made on human surfaces by chemistry and biological agents.

This exhibition links the wild patterned and iconic scribbly gum markings of the Ogmograptis scribula moth larvae to industrial fabrication and printmaking processes.  A series of process-driven artworks explores moth larvae tracks using digitisation, laser cutting and CNC routing to reproduce and reinterpret these patterns through a high tech lens. The resulting artefacts then are used to create works using traditional woodblock technique, stencilling and mosaic relief patterns.

Over the past decade Ben has created large scale public works and intricate stencilled forms using analogue methods. This series provides him with an opportunity to depart from the confines of hand cut layering and experiment with the patterning using emerging fabrication techniques.

See Ben's previous exhibition Alternate Substrate at The Corner Store Gallery here.

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit with Ben here.

Madeline Young

Madeline Young creates bold, vibrant, abstract artworks with a focus on colour, shape, pattern and structure.  She is fascinated by the finer details of the world around her, often overlooked in everyday life.

“The sculptural structure, repetitive pattern and strangely warmer tones of native plants are a few of the beautiful qualities that draw me to this particular subject matter.  It's things as simple as the florescent pink veins of eucalyptus leaves that provide endless inspiration for my work.”

For this exhibition the aim is to depict native plants in their simplest form.  The paintings are merely a suggestion of the original form.  The audience will need to use their imagination to decipher the image.

Madeline completed a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Newcastle in 2009, majoring in printmaking and traditional photography.  Madeline has since worked as the Artist in Residence at an educational institution from 2011 to 2014 where she was able to further her education in the Visual Arts.

See Madeline's previous exhibition Noise at The Corner Store Gallery here.

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit with Madeline here.

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Conversations in Colour Exhibition - Shani Nottingham & Fiona Chandler - The Corner Store Gallery, Orange NSW

Fiona Chandler

Inspired by the natural world I use watercolour & ink to compose flowers, leaves and plants both in full bloom and various stages of decay.  Bursts of colour and strong lines capture the energy of growing things. The pattern and colour encapsulating the joy of creating and painting surrounded by floral life. There is more to our natural world than first meets the eye.

My work looks simple at first, the closer you look there are more elements than first noticed.  I'm a watercolour and mixed media artist and like to create a fluidity in the work.  Subtle washes, bright colours and fine lines gently move across large pieces of paper & canvas.  Flowers settle, drips run. I have a love of colour, nature and line. A passion for ink and the flow of water.

 Layers build to bring the artwork to life, to convey an idea, to have a conversation with the viewer. You're encouraged to look a little closer at the world around you. At the artwork in front of you. A new detail each time you pass or take a second look. To collect. To covet. Line, shape, pattern and colour.

To have the opportunity to paint & to have this conversation is thrilling. My works live with people excited by colour & nature.

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit with Fiona here.

Shani Nottingham

Watercolour to me is beautiful. I love its fluidity, unpredictability, and the glowing colours.  As much as I appreciate, respect, admire and swoon over controlled, subtle, more neutral palettes in artworks, I seem to be find it impossible to maintain it in my own work for too long. I am inevitably drawn back to colour, and vivid tones. Watching colours merge, slide, bloom and run, spreading across the paper, soaking in and transforming continues to fascinate me. It is colour and more colour that emerges time and time again.

Apart from watercolour itself, an inspiration for this exhibition, I love to forage flowers found while walking, pick blooms from my garden, with every season out here in the country giving me a whole new selection of flowers and leaves to choose from. I plonk them in some of the vases I have collected (way too many) and have them all around the house. I take photos of them often, but ironically and weirdly, have never really painted or drawn them. This is going to be a challenge, to observe the shapes, negative spaces, the contrasts, the textures, and see how this plays out in creating art inspired by their beauty. I anticipate wonderful discussions with Fiona, lots of exasperation but also joy…  and lots of colour.

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit with Shani here.

Australian artist Melissa Barber - The Corner Store Gallery, Orange NSW

Melissa Barber - The Cicada and the Plum, September/October 2016

This exhibition introduces work from Melissa’s new series The Cicada and the Plum.  This series concerns itself with the exploration of the transition of a four thousand year old culture into the modern day era, namely that of China. Melissa has been strongly influenced by antique photographs of Chinese society that reveal a culture steeped in tradition but on the very verge of change. Melissa Barber is a self-taught artist based in the Central West town of Canowindra.  She has been painting professionally since the age of 24, exhibiting from time to time in Sydney and Melbourne, and has paintings in private and corporate collections within Australia and internationally.

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit and interview with Melissa

Kate Lane Australian Artist - The Corner Store Gallery, Orange NSW

Kate Lane - Ordered Gardens and Distant Plains, September 2016

Since her return from Canada Kate is currently rediscovering the Australian landscape in all its shapes and forms and has begun a series of paintings from her perceptions.  Her homecoming has presented a wonderful opportunity to recreate memories of a past and now future life...  Consequently, she is happily settled into expressing her interpretations on canvas for this exhibition.

Kate Lane was born and raised in Australia and at 21 left to travel overseas.  Her adventures eventually landed her in Banff, Canada where she lived , worked and raised her family.  Her life has come full circle as she recently returned to live in Sydney. 
Kate is a - taught painter whose love of the Impressionists,  and  Australian landscape artist Fred Williams, inspire and influence her work.  Her paintings are expressive, bold, vibrant and playful.  Kate has exhibited paintings in Australia, the USA, Mexico and Canada.

Read our Q&A with Kate here.

Australian Artist Kate Lane - The Corner Store Gallery, Orange NSW
Australian Artist Kate Lane - The Corner Store Gallery, Orange NSW
Kyle Manning Australian Photographer - The Corner Store Gallery, Orange NSW

Kyle Manning - In From the Cold, August 2016

During his formative years, Kyle was that kid on the sporting trip, school excursion or holiday that always seemed to be brandishing a camera. The trend continued after school when he completed a photojournalism cadetship on a busy regional daily newspaper. In the film days he honed his skills at telling a story through the camera, and always being able to 'get the shot' (without the luxury of digital playback). Kyle has been shooting on Nikon since 1989 and now enjoys being part of the digital revolution and all it holds. 

Some of his recent projects include photographing My Kitchen Rules' celebrity cook, Anna Lisle's bestselling book Bowl & Fork and shooting covers for New England lifestyle magazine ‘Downtown'

"This exhibition is about celebrating the beauty of a cold climate. When I started putting the exhibition together it dawned on me I’ve ALWAYS lived in cold climates. From Melbourne, to the Blue Mountains and the Central West, they’ve all been places where you experience the four seasons in all their glory. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being battered by the elements is just a challenge in photography, it shouldn’t deter you from heading out the door. If anything it should inspire you”

“In the depths of Winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible Summer” - Albert Camus

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit with Kyle here.

Kyle Manning photography exhibition - The Corner Store Gallery, Orange NSW

Black and White - Group Exhibition, July 2016

Black & White is a group exhibition in which 22 different artists from all over Australia exhibited original artworks of any medium based on the theme “black & white”.   We had a great selection of styles, mediums, sizes and subject matter.  See all the included works below.

The Corner Store Gallery, "Black and White" group exhibition
Black and White.jpg
Christine Atkins Australian glass artist, studio visit, The Corner Store Gallery, photograph by Madeline Young

Christine Atkins - Minutia, June 2016

Minutia features the most recent works by Christine Atkins across several of her series. Moments in time experienced within the natural world captivate Christine and inspire her work. Simple phenomena witnessed in nature become the launch pad for her ideas.

Moments in time experienced within the natural world captivate me and inspire my work. A leaf sitting in a natural pool of rainwater is the kind of touchstone that I draw on as inspiration.  Parallel to this, I am also interested in the materiality of glass, and have found a duality between the transcended moment of experience and the fascination of the material. 

The interaction between light, glass and water is the basis for much of my exploratory work.  I am interested in highlighting the phenomena created during the interactions between these materials, while echoing phenomena found in nature. Ranging from installation to wall-mounted sculpture, all of my bespoke pieces are created from the interplay of my chosen materials and ideas.

Christine Atkins is a Canberra based visual artist who explores moments in time experienced within the natural world. Upon graduating with Honours from the Australian National University in 2011, Atkins was awarded two EASS awards from M16 Artspace and Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre. She has also been published twice in New Glass Review: 33 and 34, and was given Highly Commended at the National Student Art Glass Prize in 2012.

Her first solo exhibition was held at M16 Artspace in 2012 followed by the Talking Water artists-in-residence with Craft ACT, Craft and Design Centre and the Graduates-in-Residence program at the Canberra Glassworks. In November 2013 Atkins was awarded the Australian Craft Award in both the Lighting and Best in Glass categories. Atkins had her second solo exhibition at Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre in March 2014 as well as being a finalist in the inaugural Kirra Illuminating Glass Award. In 2014 she also travelled to Finland for an Åland Archipelago Guest Artist Residency in Kökar. Atkins was a Thomas Foundation Artist in Residence at the Canberra Glassworks in 2015 and received the Australian Decorative Fine Art Society award.

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit with Christine at the Canberra Glassworks here.

You can find Christine's website here.

Christine Atkins, Minutia, The Corner Store Gallery, June 2016, photograph by Madeline Young
Australian Artist Jahne Meyer - The Corner Store Gallery, Orange NSW

Jahne Meyer - Home of the Skyfarers, May/June 2016

Nostalgia has crept into each piece of "Home of the Skyfarers". Behind every bird and natural view is a memory or reminisce about a place or person. Whether it is because late at night, my father would whisper for my sisters and I to come outside and stand in night silence as we listened to the distance Mopoke call across our bush property near Orange. Or that each morning a satin bower bird hops around his bower under the trees in my back garden in the Blue Mountains. Or the windswept beach I've walked along many times.

I love bold shadowing, and how sunlight falls upon surfaces creating stark shapes. Oil charcoal has been used on the bird drawings so the rich black brings out the shine of feathers and details and curves of wing lines. And there is something about returning home to the lingering scent of oil paint. Such a luxurious medium, I used five colours to create tones of afternoon sun over orange or the dusk and the dark foliage of the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains.

I have been completely swept up in my natural surroundings. With its ever-changing light and the awe of the orchestra of bird life that I can't help but want to recreate it, with all its detail and the memories and fleeting thoughts associated with it instilled within. 

See our behind-the-scenes studio shoot with Jahne here.

You can find Jahne's website here.

Australian Artist Nicole Foxall Studio Visit - The Corner Store Gallery, Orange NSW, photograph by Madeline Young

Nicole Foxall - A Country Drive, April/May 2016

Nicole Foxall loves living in and painting the Central West. This exhibition has been inspired by numerous drives in this ever changing landscape which continually motivates her art. 

Nicole is a self-described colour junkie who loves injecting hefty doses of pigment and vibrancy into her paintings.  Her mission is to express and create from the world around her and bring colour and happiness to people's walls. Her painting process is loose and spontaneous with each piece a unique translation of the subject.

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit with Nicole here.

You can find Nicole's website here.

Cider Inspired Art, The Corner Store Gallery, Orange NSW, photograph by Madeline Young

To celebrate Orange F.O.O.D Week, The Corner Store Gallery and Small Acres Cyder host a group exhibition to celebrate the region’s premium local cider. All of the artworks selected are inspired by Small Acres Cyder. We have included artworks of all different types of mediums including painting, drawing, illustration, etching & photography. There are many different styles and representations of what cider means to each artist.

The Winner of our "Cider Inspired Art" competition is Ingrid Bowen with "Tree Lines".  The Winner of our People's Choice Award is Jane Tonks with "Friends in High Places".  Both artworks pictured below.

Ingrid Bowen,  Tree Lines - winner of our "Cider Inspired Art" Competition

Ingrid Bowen, Tree Lines - winner of our "Cider Inspired Art" Competition

Jane Tonks,  Friends in High Places  - Winner of the People's Choice Award

Jane Tonks, Friends in High Places - Winner of the People's Choice Award

Jaq Davies and Glenn Hoyle, Australian contemporary artists, The Corner Store Gallery, photograph by Madeline Young

Glenn Hoyle & Jaq Davies, March 2016

My work for this exhibition is a combination of paintings, drawings, mixed media and sculptural objects in the form of small revolving wire spheres.  I enjoy the sense of experimentation, contrast, fluidity and the unexpected that comes from ranging across different techniques and materials.  In saying this I still feel that the drawn mark, whether it be a rough drag of paint across the canvas, sculptural linear drawings in space or a more exacting pencil line form the real  essence of my work.  Having the sculptures of my partner Glenn Hoyle in the gallery with my paintings add to the installation feel of this exhibition …....our works play off each other pretty well here as they do at home.

- Thank you, Jaq Davies.

You could think of these sculptures as a conversation between me and the ‘elements’ that will eventually find themselves morphed together to form a thing, a sculpture.  Each piece is first interviewed, I need to know it’s strengths and weaknesses, its history, and it’s potential.  How does it feel about becoming a sculpture?  Will it object to being permanently attached to that weird looking piece of cast iron? How will it react to being modified, heated, cut, hammered or bent?  I try to be sensitive to the noisy, insistent demands of these ‘elements’, to understand them, to try to bring them together in harmony.  And only when I believe I’ve achieved something I can call a sculpture, will I be able to get a good night’s sleep.   - Glenn Hoyle. 

See our behind-the-scenes studio visit with Jaq And Glenn here.

final invite.jpg
Emergence - Olivia Henry, The Corner Store Gallery, photograph by Madeline Young

Emergence - Olivia Henry, February/March 2016

Olivia Henry is a graphic, fabric and surface pattern designer currently based in Brisbane Australia. Originally born and raised in Orange NSW her upbringings, surroundings, daily life and children are bringing inspiration, joy and happiness to her playful and colourful designs. Olivia works traditionally with watercolours and inks with detailed line work and then digitally manipulates them

From a very early age Olivia has been encouraged to express her artistic self through different mediums and forms. Her style is loose yet still controlled by line work or specific detail. Olivia loves watercolours, floral, vibrant colours and abstract lines, this is what influences her work. She also enjoys digitally manipulating original watercolour and ink works by scanning her paintings and line work to create repeat designs for fabrics and surface pattern design.

See our studio shoot with Olivia Henry here.

You can find Olivia's website here.