Q and A with Kathleen Lane

Kathleen Lane - The Corner Store Gallery

How long have you been a practicing artist? 

I have been painting for fifteen years. 

What is your favourite subject matter to paint and why?

 Favourite subject, probably florals... Living in The Canadian Rockies for 30 years I became accustomed to long winters  when the landscape was stunningly beautiful but monochromatic. I thought about my garden and the vibrant colours of Australia, so decided to paint them into my life.

What is your process like?  

Unfettered and optimistic.... I never know the outcome sometimes to my great joy and sometimes to my chagrin... but.... onward I go to places unknown and uncharted...  You know, like a star ship!!!

Do you paint from real life or photographs?

I paint from photographs I gather on my journeys.

Where do you make your art?

In my kitchen originally and now I am back in Australia usually outside.

Do you have a studio? 

A lovely dream, but I am a gypsy so it probably won't happen!!! But, I do sometimes suffer from studio envy.

Where do you find inspiration? 

From my environment, and of I late have attempted to do female portraits , primarily inspired by Freda Kahlo.

Name some artists that influence your work and style. 

Australian artists Fred Williams, Margaret Olly.  Expressionists,  Berthe Morriset and Manet.