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Studio Visit with Sarah Montgomery

Sarah Montgomery is a printmaker of all methods.  She uses many different plates and layers to create her artworks building beautiful depth and texture.  I met Sarah at her gorgeous, breezy home in Dee Why to see the new prints making their way to Orange for Floating Land, a collaborative exhibition with fellow artist Fiona Chandler.

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Studio Visit with Tracy Dickason

Tracy Dickason is a Sydney based ceramicist and illustrator with THE MOST AMAZING SPACE to work in!  Her bright and airy family apartment sits atop a sandstone cliff just above a beautiful Australian beach!  Warm sunlight floods the corner in which Tracy works.  Her delicate porcelain vessels and sculptures adorn a wooden chest while half-finished illustrations and drawings are scattered about the room.

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Studio Visit with Alexandra Frasersmith

Alexandra Frasersmith uses the most beautiful coloured glass to create her clever textural pieces.  Deep cobalt blues fade into pale turquoise and range through to orange and purple.  She creates functional objects as well as more abstract sculptural pieces.  All of the above will be on display as part of her new exhibition Cast Emotion at The Corner Store Gallery this Spring.

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