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Studio Visit with Jan Spencer

Meet one of our new exhibiting artists Jan Spencer. Jan is a mixed media collage artist and keen traveller. Jan shares a fantastic space with her partner, also an artist, downstairs in their beautiful, art filled home in Rozelle, Sydney. The large “basement” room boasts three completely glass walls looking out onto their private garden, and is flooded with natural light. We visited Jan in her fabulous home studio to learn more about her practice in the lead up to the upcoming exhibition Three Journeys.

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Studio Tour with Amy Wright

I'd describe Amy as a mark maker and mixed media artist.  Her work is built up of layer upon layer of different mediums such as acrylic paint, pencil, pastels and charcoals.  Amy also uses collage techniques to create textural, tactile qualities.  Her themes vary from still lifes through to landscapes, and sometimes a mixture of the two.

As well as completing this series of work for Suburban Requiem which making its way to The Corner Store Gallery, Amy already has one solo exhibition under her belt after the birth of her first baby Maeve in 2017. I caught up with Amy to learn just how she does it...

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Studio Visit with Fiona Barrett-Clark

Fiona Barrett-Clark is a Sydney based contemporary landscape painter.  Her current series focusses on the land and skyscapes of the Central West, and the ever-familiar clouds we find gracing our skies.  Each scene Fiona has captured transports you right to that place, I for one feel a strong nostalgia for the late Autumn sunsets driving from Orange to Bathurst.  

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Studio Visit with Aileen Francis

Aileen Francis is a passionate artist, maker and art collector.  I've been an admirer of Aileen's work for some years now ever since I opened the gallery in 2014 and have been on the hunt for local artists.  Her style, medium and subject matter varies greatly from series to series and this new body of work is no different.  I caught up with Aileen at her home studio to find out more about her most recent body of work.

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Studio Visit with Alexandra Frasersmith

Alexandra Frasersmith uses the most beautiful coloured glass to create her clever textural pieces.  Deep cobalt blues fade into pale turquoise and range through to orange and purple.  She creates functional objects as well as more abstract sculptural pieces.  All of the above will be on display as part of her new exhibition Cast Emotion at The Corner Store Gallery this Spring.

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