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Studio Visit with Fiona Barrett-Clark

Fiona Barrett-Clark is a Sydney based contemporary landscape painter.  Her current series focusses on the land and skyscapes of the Central West, and the ever-familiar clouds we find gracing our skies.  Each scene Fiona has captured transports you right to that place, I for one feel a strong nostalgia for the late Autumn sunsets driving from Orange to Bathurst.  

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Studio Visit with Belinda Street

I’ve been drawing and painting since I could hold a pencil. As a small child I would sit for hours on my own just drawing, and well, I never really stopped! I was good at art from an early age and used it as an escape from the real world. When I finished school I went to Newcastle University to undertake a Bachelor Arts (Visual Arts) degree which I absolutely loved. Upon finishing that I also studied desktop publishing, and got a job as a graphic designer.

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