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Studio Visit with Colleen Southwell

I visited Colleen at her AMAZING home studio just outside of Orange. Colleen’s also a garden designer, and quite a good one at that… Her studio is located in a gorgeous corrugated iron shed in the back garden that she shares with her husband. Dried flowers, grasses, berries and seed pods are scattered throughout the room providing inspiration and a beautiful neutral colour palette. Colleen tells me she works in monotone to draw your eye to the pattern, texture and structure of the plants she interprets.

We talk horticulture, history, inspiration, collecting, technique and materials, enjoy….

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Studio Visit with Tracy Dickason

Tracy Dickason is a Sydney based ceramicist and illustrator with THE MOST AMAZING SPACE to work in!  Her bright and airy family apartment sits atop a sandstone cliff just above a beautiful Australian beach!  Warm sunlight floods the corner in which Tracy works.  Her delicate porcelain vessels and sculptures adorn a wooden chest while half-finished illustrations and drawings are scattered about the room.

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