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Studio Visit with Aileen Francis

Aileen Francis is a passionate artist, maker and art collector.  I've been an admirer of Aileen's work for some years now ever since I opened the gallery in 2014 and have been on the hunt for local artists.  Her style, medium and subject matter varies greatly from series to series and this new body of work is no different.  I caught up with Aileen at her home studio to find out more about her most recent body of work.

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Studio Visit with Alexandra Frasersmith

Alexandra Frasersmith uses the most beautiful coloured glass to create her clever textural pieces.  Deep cobalt blues fade into pale turquoise and range through to orange and purple.  She creates functional objects as well as more abstract sculptural pieces.  All of the above will be on display as part of her new exhibition Cast Emotion at The Corner Store Gallery this Spring.

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