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Amanda Cox - Gaahna Bula – Two Shoulders

  • The Corner Store Gallery 382 Summer Street Orange, NSW, 2800 Australia (map)
The Corner Store Gallery - Amanda Cox

Opening Night: Thursday May 31st from 6pm

Business Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 4pm, Sunday 10am - 2pm

This exhibition is a tribute to a love lost and a love found – to the two shoulders that have provided me strength and support, a place to turn, to admire, to evolve.

Gaahna Bula – Two Shoulders
(Mount Canobolas)

By Amanda Cox

Gaahna Bula are the Wiradjuri aboriginal words meaning two shoulders – or more commonly known as Mount Canobolas.

I am fortunate enough to live in a location with sweeping views of Mt Canobolas which I sit and admire daily. Many mornings, afternoons and late evenings are spent watching as the spectacular colours of the seasons move in and then out. Watching as the changing hues of the day move across the majestic peaks and fold into magnificent sunsets.

I’ve witnessed spectacular midnight storms build and linger and watched it burn in the recent fires imagining what it would have been like as a rupturing volcano all of those millions of years ago.

I have painted this series using lusciously layered paint, applied in strong sweeping strokes to accentuate the strength of the shoulders and the different layers and shapes of the landscape that occur in the changing light of the day. The thickly applied paint gives each piece multiple dimensions of interest – just as the subject matter does to me on a daily basis.

This exhibition is to you Gaahna Bula, you sit on our horizon and watch over us, spur our interest, display spectacular beauty and your two shoulders provide an unacknowledged support, our horizon would not be the same without you sitting there.

The Corner Store Gallery - Amanda Cox

About the artist

I am the owner and founder of a small local business called VAADA - an acronym for Visual Arts And Design Agency. I’ve concentrated the last 13 years on establishing the “Design Agency” arm of the business, and now I’m ready to delve into the “Visual Arts” side. I felt the artist run program was the perfect opportunity to showcase my visual arts skills and begin to broaden the VAADA offering. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a brush and I realise now how much I’ve truly missed it.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to exhibit my works in The Corner Store Gallery and I hope the exhibition will be enjoyed others as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

The Corner Store Gallery - Amanda Cox

The Corner Store Gallery - Amanda Cox

The Corner Store Gallery - Amanda Cox