Studio Visit with Colleen Southwell

I visited Colleen at her AMAZING home studio just outside of Orange. Colleen’s also a garden designer, and quite a good one at that… Her studio is located in a gorgeous corrugated iron shed in the back garden that she shares with her husband. Dried flowers, grasses, berries and seed pods are scattered throughout the room providing inspiration and a beautiful neutral colour palette. Colleen tells me she works in monotone to draw your eye to the pattern, texture and structure of the plants she interprets.

We talk horticulture, history, inspiration, collecting, technique and materials, enjoy….

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Interview for the Rural Compass Podcast

In July earlier this year I was invited to be interviewed for a brilliant new podcast the Rural Compass by Samantha Meurant.

The Rural Compass is dedicated to bringing you an interview each week with women living and working hard in rural and remote areas across Australia. Sam and I had a chat about how the gallery came about back in 2014, a few tips for artists and other small business owners living in regional areas and talk about other great women in business that inspire us. Have a listen!

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Our Story

The Corner Store Gallery is very much a family run business. My parents, sister and husband are a major part of my operations here at the gallery and there’s no way I’d be here without them. I’ve been asked a lot recently how I came to open an art gallery, so I thought I’d write a blog post to tell you our story. This article will give you all a little look into our new home because I know a lot of you sticky beaks would like to see the inside of the house…….

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Abstract Watercolour Workshop

Recently we held our first Abstract Watercolour Workshops here at The Corner Store Gallery. A small group of students were taught the basics of watercolour and created their own abstract artworks. We made colour charts, colour swatches to inform our final works, practised different blending techniques, mark-making and some other experimental exercises.

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Studio Visit with Christine Appleby

Christine Appleby recently graduated from the ANU school of Art and Design with first-class honours. Needless to say, her work is of the highest quality, originality and breaks several rules. Periderm: Perceptions of the Tree Surface will feature woven textile pieces of all colours, shapes and sizes. There’ll be large scale woven sculptural works suspended from the ceiling, as well as wall hangings and tapestries.

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Studio Visit with Nicola Woodcock

Living and working on the edge of Ku-Ring -Gai Chase National Park has strongly influenced Nicola Woodcock's work. Australian Native flora provides endless inspiration with it’s unique colour, structure and natural patterns. Her most recent body of work heading to The Corner Store Gallery for FIRST CUT features stunning still life drawings of Australian Natives, both foraged and bought.

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Studio Visit with Ruby Davies

Ruby Davies lives on a property just outside of Dubbo in Central NSW. We’re in the middle of a drought and the land is parched. Red dust covers the studio where where Ruby paints at the back of her property. The pool lies empty, and the garden is struggling to survive.

The effects of the drought are impossible to escape, and it’s the drought which has become a central theme of Ruby’s most recent body of work Sold Down the River: Recent Paintings of the Darling Barka. This extensive series of paintings captures perfectly a uniquely Australian colour pallette.

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Studio Visit with Madeline Young

Tucked away behind The Corner Store Gallery is a room filled with art and craft supplies. Since we moved into our new home behind the gallery I’ve been lucky enough to inherit this little room as my new studio and craft room, much to my husband’s delight (no more painting on the kitchen table). I feel incredibly lucky to have this space, it’s right off the gallery so while I’m at work I can hide away and keep my practice alive.

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Studio Visit with Genevieve Bessell-Browne

There are some moments in life when you just have to stop, take it all in and think “WOW“! When I walked into Genevieve Bessell-Browne’s home and studio, this was one of those moments. Genevieve is a collector. Beautiful, vintage, porcelain figurines cover every horizontal surface, and some of the walls. There are flowers and plants everywhere and then there’s the art. Paintings featuring the beloved collection of knick-knacks, vintage fabric and other objects cover the walls. I was in heaven!

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Studio Visit with Rita Orsini

Meet Rita Orsini, another of our Sydney based artists exhibiting as part of our next exhibition Three Journeys. Rita is a painter, jeweller, maker and French teacher. She has the most fantastic space to paint, teach and display her wares to the public in a converted garage complete with her beloved French style barn door. With street frontage it’s the perfect home gallery with studio attached.

I caught up with Rita at her very arty home to find out more about her varied practice.

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Studio Visit with Jan Spencer

Meet one of our new exhibiting artists Jan Spencer. Jan is a mixed media collage artist and keen traveller. Jan shares a fantastic space with her partner, also an artist, downstairs in their beautiful, art filled home in Rozelle, Sydney. The large “basement” room boasts three completely glass walls looking out onto their private garden, and is flooded with natural light. We visited Jan in her fabulous home studio to learn more about her practice in the lead up to the upcoming exhibition Three Journeys.

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